Tuesday, September 8, 2009

To blog or not to blog? - I asked the question

I have to admit that I had a sort of blog identity crisis within the last week.  You might be thinking..."Already? Geez this gal has some issues." Ha -

So, because I was getting the vibe from a few people that they may not have been comfortable with the blog or that they thought it may be too personal, I started to wonder if they were seeing something I wasn't. Should I not be chatting online about things I am going through or experiences I tackle?  Yet isn't that the point of blogging... to share some of your life?  As I tend to do, I then went into over think it to death mode and operation talk to your friends to figure it all out.  I have such amazing, caring, and thoughtful friends in my life and I thank you (you know who you are) for your listening and advice.  All of it was terrific.

I realized that I was getting some really great comments and feedback too.  Blogging, in general, is not for everyone and I am not someone who keeps a lot in.  So, this outlet tends to be right up my alley.  Plus, as I do, I didn't just wake up and decide to blog without putting any thought into it.  I thought about doing something like this for months and months.  I had the name in my head already and when it was available I went for it.  Even then I waited and thought about it some more.  So, after a few entries were typed up, it was out there, in internet space for anyone who wanted to read it.

Once it was out there, I was a little nervous.  Will people like it or think I am crazy (well, more than normal)?  I tend to worry about what others think too much and have really been trying to work on that and get to a more healthy and manageable level of concern.  What more perfect a place than this - right?  Putting my thoughts out there where people can judge them and me - yikes!  Ha!  So, lesson in progress because I cannot take it personal if some people to do not like my writing and will not want to follow.  However, others will like it and want to support me (some already have shown that).  Guess it comes with the territory of the art of writing and sharing ones work.

More importantly, I am not saying anything intended to be of ill-will or mean spirited by any means.  Just some things are of a more personal nature that not everyone shares openly.  However, this is not my virtual journal (I am not that crazy). - I have much more intense and personal things written in a place that are for my eyes only.  The blog is for me to yap about experiences from my angle of life and get feedback from others too, while going through a divorce, moving back with my parents, sharing custody of my dog, dating, personal growth challenges, and much more.  Doesn't that just all sound exciting?!?!?

~ Any thoughts out there on this from other bloggers?  Have you ever struggled with sharing things in your life with the world in this forum?

Decision is that I am gonna keep going with my blog project and not going to let the excitement go just yet.  I feel empowered by this writing adventure and have been learning more about the internet too!
I truly hope that you will find following My-SimplyComplex-Life enjoyable.


  1. It can be a difficult balance. I have to admit there have been a few moments when someone mentioned something I wrote on my blog at an "inopportune" time or someone who told me they read it (someone who I never thought would) and the hairs on the back of my neck have stood up. My advise is to write for you and enjoy it, but do remember you are basically printing in a public newspaper, so do be careful what you say about....your boss, your ex, your thoughts. Good Luck!

  2. blog away lady! let it out.... seriously sometimes its the BEST way to let your feelings out!! sometimes i think too 'if anyone actually reads my blog, they must think im nuts 78% of the time' but then i'm like... eh, we all go thru stuff, and sometimes, no-- MOST of the time, its better to let it out than to keep it in! :]

  3. I wanted to be clear that I did not receive a lot of bad feedback or anything - I was just over worried about a few comments from people. I have had amazing support and I want to thank you all.