Saturday, February 6, 2010

Seeing Double

I am a two-timer! I have been seeing two therapists! How "crazy" must I be you wonder? Come on now. That is not nice. I am "normal" amounts of cRaZy...promise.

Many people think that therapy is a crock and I am by no means saying that they actually work or whatever. However, for me, I have found it helpful in my life from time to time to ramble off my thoughts and dramatics to a stranger. A neutral sounding board if you will.

Now seeing two is not something I have done often or recommend for that matter. In fact, the overlap of them has been for only 7 months. I started to see Therapist 1 (which I will refer to as T1) before Ex and I even separated. I think she is very tough love and has an interesting approach. She says things that I don't always like and gives me homework.

I stopped going to T1 for a while last spring or summer because I didn't think I needed to go. This is also the beauty of therapy; going only when you want or need. I started to feel that she was also far away (distance wise) and not sure if I was digging her approach at that point in my life. As I mentioned these concerns to a friend, she suggested a therapist she used through a few months of her own divorce. Figured I would give the other a whirl.

Started going to Therapist 2 (which I will refer to as T2) over the summer for a bit. She has a more soft approach and sometimes seems more wishy-washy but she is very understanding of the place I am at now in my life. However, from time to time I found myself going back to T1 to get her thoughts. I know this is SO odd but when you go through major life changes you do what you think you need to - right?

People have asked if the sessions help and if I like one over the other. My answer is that they have helped me and I believe some of my friends may have benefited from my learning's as well (you know who you are - ha). If I feel that I need to get some things talked about to neutral parties then I make time for a session with whomever my gut tells me to actually. Lately, I have been back to T1 and doing the homework too.

It has been good and got me through more issues and I know I am growing and learning. I am because I want to for myself though, not because of any magic they bring or don't. Believe it or not, having this person call me out on my crap is good too. T1 is really challenging me lately and I enjoy that. But maybe in two months I will need a softer ear and call up T2. I like options - ha!

I am convinced, however, that there is not one that is better than the other but just what you prefer and need in your life at that time ....kinda like men!

Taking care of me one session at a time.
And double that: Taking care of me one session at a time.

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