Thursday, February 11, 2010

Valentine's Vacancy

Hyped up Holiday? Yes. Of course it is. However, this is the first one I have had without a date in any way, shape, or form since before I could drive a car. I never really cared one way or the other about the Valentine's holiday yet sitting here with all the commercials about love and romance have me feeling ....bad; not only that but a bit on the lonely side as well in all honesty.

Evil commercialism.

Even if I didn't want to feel bad about my current relationship status, the in your face advertising is hard to ignore. The explosion of red and white colored hearts around every turn is a reminder of the fact that I don't actually have a Valentine.

This is by no means a pity party on my part. Just a realization of where I am currently in my life. Of course, I know I am not alone, thanks to my wonderful friends and family, but not having that person to cuddle with is what makes it so difficult.

I do remember most of my past Valentine's and how they were spent as attempts to make the holiday an excuse to be silly with gifts, dates, or the chance to try a new restaurant. It is always nice to have that someone in your life to share such things. Breakfast for dinner with a girlfriend is still one of my top Valentine's memories; because it is just about the moments.

My belief is that this holiday is just that.... a moment in your life to stop and remind yourself of those you care about. Friends, Family, and loved ones are all special and this day is a time to say Remember. Not just for the day but an actual time out in our lives, early in the year, so that we don't get too caught up in our failing resolutions and busy spring plans to forget to keep showing love. It is such an important aspect and we tend to take things out on those we care about most all too often. Maybe it is that we assume they know how we feel about them so we forget the words and how valuable they can be.

Love. Hard for some to say.
Love. Hard for some to show.
Then use Valentine's Day as an inspiration to find love for yourself and those around you.

Every moment matters.

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